Baldridge Lab

Biological Chemistry
University of Michigan Medical School

Lab News


We’ve had an influx of talented people! Welcome!

Hopefully we can convince them to stay…

PIBS CMB rotation student, Jeff Knupp;

Chem Bio rotation student, Taslima Khan;

Undergraduate student, Jessica Zhang;

Undergraduate student, Tomoe Miyazaki;

Undergraduate student, Celine Rajoulh


And we are +1 (Brian has joined our group)

He has joined us through PIBS Biological Chemistry. Welcome back!


Welcome to PIBS rotation student Brian Peterson!


We are interested in motivated scientists and scientists-in-training at all levels!

Please contact Ryan if you are interested in working with us in any capacity to see what options are available.


Our FPLC system is up and running

The workhorse of the lab.


Welcome to the lab Morgan!

Morgan Freigang has opted to join our team as a senior research technician. We are happy to have her.


Welcome to the lab Sagar!

Sagar Lahiri has joined he lab as a postdoctoral fellow. He is interested in working on defining substrate specificity of the ERAD system. Thanks Sagar!